Utilities Communications Overview


Aclara's product suite - its flexible and scalable STAR Network system, its consumer engagement and analytics software, and its STAR ZoneScan leak detection system - can meet even the most exacting requirements of water utilities seeking to improve customer service, effect operating efficiencies, or enhance conservation efforts. Our suite of products includes three primary components:

Fixed-network AMI

Aclara's STAR Network system offers robust, two-way communications that effectively provides timely data to facilitate superior customer service and maximize operational efficiencies.

Software solutions

Aclara's consumer-engagement solution presents usage data directly to the customer, encouraging them to take action to lower costs and conserve. For utilities that want to improve operational efficiencies, Aclara offers both basic and advanced analytics that unlock the power of AMI data.

Leak detection

Utilities battle unaccounted-for water with Aclara solutions. Utilities can analyze hourly meter readings collected by the AMI system to look for premise leaks and proactively notify customers of potential problems. In addition, Aclara's STAR ZoneScan system, developed in conjunction with Gutermann International, one of industry's leading vendors of leak-detection technology, works on the fixed network and allows the utility to identify underground leaks before they cause big problems.