BWlogo With applications ranging from deserts to the Arctic, our rugged stand-alone systems are fully self-contained protection solutions. Our easy-to-install, low-maintenance systems provide continuous monitoring for toxic gases, combustibles and Oxygen hazards-at an affordable price.

Rig Rat III

The Rig Rat III multi-point system continuously monitors for toxic gases, combustibles and oxygen hazards. The self-contained, intrinsically safe site controller is equipped with built-in alarms for instant notification. Independent power and plug-in options provide total flexibility.The solar-capable Rig Rat III is completely modular in design, with plug-in ports for all field interfaces, including remote sensors, remote alarms and relays. Add, change or reconfigure system components as your requirements evolve.

The Rig Rat III's microprocessor-based operation and forefront sensor technology assures peerless reliability and performance. The Rig Rat III is the ultimate in stand-alone detection.

Field Tough: Rig Rat III provides unwavering performance in extreme conditions, from deserts
to the Arctic.
Easy Installation: Equipped with a rugged weatherproof stainless steel enclosure and built-in mounting flanges, simply mount the detector to the wall and supply power.
Facility Monitoring: Multi-point systems can be expanded to 100 or more individual monitoring points, with each detector coded to a separate channel.
Perimeter Monitoring: The most cost-effective solution to perimeter monitoring.
Portable Monitoring: The only portable, multi-point monitoring system in the world--field-proven on mobile work sites, such as drilling/service rigs, HAZMAT and disaster response teams.
Detector Sub-Site Controller: The detector can activate remote relays and a solenoid driver to
control emergency shutdown devices (ESD), building ventilation systems and other field interfaces.


  • Independent power and radio signal transmission
  • Microprocessor operation ensures performance and reliability
  • Flexible power choices--battery, solar, 110/230 VAC
  • Real-time LCD readouts for all detectors and sensors
  • Simple, straightforward, user-friendly operation
  • Modular engineered design
  • Status panel advises all features and functions
  • Plug-in ports for remote sensors and options
  • Dual alarm levels for each sensor (adjustable)