Employment Opportunities

At Vellano Corp. we look to employ hard-working and dedicated individuals who can contribute to the company's overall success. Our rich family history combined with branches that average between 4-10 employees cultivates a family-type atmosphere at the workplace. The low turnover rate in sales and management positions is reflective of our willingness to listen to new ideas for products and business opportunities - a practice that creates flexibility among positions. As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on employee longevity, and are constantly looking for individuals dedicated to making a difference.

Employment opportunities at Vellano Corp., Inc. come in many forms. We have a management/sales career track that is designed to locate and train ambitious candidates that are interested in a career in our industry.

The Management/Sales Career Track employees will have the opportunity to train in all aspects of our business from Yard, Warehouse, Customer Service, Inside Sales and Outside Sales. These candidates will be expected to travel to any of our branch locations throughout New York and New England, attend trade shows, travel to our vendor's factories or distribution locations, as well as travel to meet our customers. If the opportunity to become a leader that works for an industry leader appeals to you, please send your resume to hr@vellano.com

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