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Laser Alignment

  6700 Series Pipe Laser



The 6700 and 6755 Pipe Lasers boast a tough metal housing and long range beam. Also the wireless remote control improves setup time for second day use. The Model 6700 features Alignmaster which automatically centers the beam on target. Leica has always been a pioneer in the underground market - and these two new pipe lasers set the standard for quality.

6700 Series Pipe Laser
This product offers outstanding strength, reliability, and construction designs that meet the needs of demanding construction environments.

6775 Series Pipe Laser
Laser Alignment designed the 6700 series to be the best underground pipe laser for line and grade control with Alignmaster. The model 6755 is available without Alignmaster. The Beam Aligner is built upon 31 years of underground pipe laser experience. Used for pipe laying and alignment including over the top applications.


  • Precise pivot locators
  • Highly visible beam in all light conditions
  • Wireless remote control
  • Off level warning
  • Convenient and easy to read display
  • Owner identification display prevents loss or theft
  • Wide line adjustment
  • Line and grade locks
  • 100% waterproof to IP-X7 standard and sealed with nitrogen gas
  • Environmentally friendly Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries (or alkaline batteries)
  • Wide self-leveling range
  • Patented automatic alignment feature, Alignmaster (model 6700 Only).

Alignmaster is an automatic targeting system which automatically finds line center on the target. This patented automatic targeting system allows the operator to generally reduce time spent on second day set-ups.

  100lr Long Range Laser

Typical uses include machine control applications and it is also used as a laydown and level laser.

Grade Control Applications:
Accurate Grading - The 100lr gives precise control with updates to a machine control sensor at 40 times per second to keep the machine on grade without over correcting. Additionally, the 100lr holds accurate grades on all leveling and fine grade applications. Other grade uses include agricultural applications.

Level and Laydown Applications:
The 100lr can be used as a pipe laser utilizing an optional pipelaying bracket. Its split beam can be used for layout and alignment applications. This laser can also be used for steep slope and multiple construction site applications.

The 100lr offers jobsite elevation control. It has rechargeable on-board battery power for up to 20 hours of operation, plus a unique elevation alert option which eliminates undetected changes in elevation due to vibration, or soft ground conditions.

Four Models Available

  • Single Grade, from -4% to +11%
  • Three different Dual Grade models available with: an axis grade from -4% to +10% and B axis from -1% to 50% or -0.50% to +0.50 or -4% to +11%
  • Long range, more than 600 meters (2000 feet) working range
  • High rotation head speeds (5,10,12 and 20 rps)